How to Install Fedora 36 with Snapper and Grub-Btrfs

In Fedora 36, the RPM database is relocated from /var to /usr to support the snapshot and rollback regime. So, in this blog post, I will show how to properly install Fedora 36 with snapper and grub-btrfs packages that support snapshots and rollbacks.

How to Install WordPress on Fedora with LAMP Stack

  • Post last modified:August 19, 2022
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WordPress is one of the most popular website content management system. You can build all possible kinds of wonderful websites, even if you don't know any coding. Try out your dream website for free by installing WordPress locally on Fedora Linux using the LAMP stack.

Install Fedora 35 with Snapper Full System Rollback

  • Post last modified:August 19, 2022
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In this blog, I'll show how to install Fedora 35 with snapper full system rollback support. In this setup, the /boot directory will be included within the root filesystem (no separate boot partition). As a result, a full system rollback, including the kernel, is possible.

How to Install Guest OS in Virt-Manager: A Quick Intro

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The virt-manager, also known as the Virtual Machine Manager, is a GUI application used to create and manage guest virtual machines in KVM. Virt-manager allows you to install guest operating systems, create new domains, configure domain resources, and manage virtual hardware.

Install Fedora 35 with LUKS Full Disk Encryption (FDE)

You can protect the data on your computer by encrypting its disk with LUKS Full Disk Encryption. This safeguards the disk contents even if it is physically removed from the system. To access the decrypted content on the disk, you need to provide a passphrase or a key file.